Red Carpet Chiropractic: Perils of Heels

According to the research, high heels can hurt your feet. When you are wearing high heels, it hurts too much. Nowadays, it is a fashion to wearing high heels. When it comes to fashion, you should know how to care your feet when wearing high heels. You should consult chiropractor, chiropractor will give you some tips which may save your sore muscles and dysfunctional joints. You didn’t ignore the link between high heels and your aching feet. Your feet becomes ached when wearing high heels. High heels can force your feet in unnatural position. It may carry burden of your body weight on your toes. Let’s face it.

Clothes Aren’t Just Fashionable
when you think about your clothes, it is not about only clothes. It means you should think about your fashion choices because it includes clothes, bags, shoe etc. You may wear fashionable clothes and wear simple shoe but it is not like that. You have to wear fashionable shoes, skirts, pants etc. if you think you will wear your grandmother’s shoes to take care of your feet, you are wrong. You should choose fashionable shoes. But there is nothing like to wear fashionable shoe with good health.

Foot Problems
Foot problems have different forms and different causes of pain. There are few problems of foot problems.

Deformed Toes
when you are wearing high heels, you are putting extra pressure on the ligaments around your toes will weakened your ligaments. When ligament become weak, toe can slip and deformed. Deformed toes include crossover toes and hammer toes.

the swelling arises at the base of your toe because the tissue or bone become inflamed at the joint, called bunion.

when you have pain and inflammation in your joints of the foot or ankle, the disability occurs named as arthritis. So avoid to wear high heels.
These are the few foot problems which may occurs due to the use of irregular shape of shoes which is not good for your health.

For deciding to make health and fashion statements by just pointing some simple rules.

High Heels
high heels will make you difficult to walk on the red carpet. Because your putting pressure on ligaments around your toes. This will weakened your ligaments and can drift your toes. High heels creates back pain when you are walking on the road. High heels are designed for fashionable choices or for looking nice but not for your body health. High heels are just to make you confident to walk on the red carpet. It pushes your entire body to forward. So avoid wearing heels and wear flat and low heel shoes.

The Fit
As clothes have a big impact on your body health. High heels also have a big impact on your feet. If you wear tight clothes, it is difficult for your body to bend in a tight clothes. As if wear tight shoes, it occurs stress and strain in your joints. So you should choose those clothes and shoes that are comfortable to you while moving.

The Weight
when you are talking about carrying weight, it means you are talking about your body health. As the actresses carries weight when walking on red carpet. They carrying weight like hand bags and dainty purses lighter as feather. When walking on the red carpet they have their right hand bags. By carrying heavy hand bags each and every, you can damage your shoulder, neck and back pain which cause of extreme stress and pain. So you carry those purses which has no weight and clean it once in a day.


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